The group is very sensible to environmental issues; in fact, the new buildings were designed and built to achieve a high energy efficiency.
This has been possible through the special materials used for the building structures, the high-tech systems adopted and the installation of photovoltaic panels.


Social Responsability


• The thermal break panels, PVC windows and doors with high energy efficiency allow to drastically reduce the thermal transmittance, thus creating a strong isolation between internal and external areas and therefore saving energy.

• All technological systems installed have a high energy saving efficiency; a particular system was implemented to recuperate and recirculate the energy/heat from the production, then canalize it into the floor heating system to warm the whole building. In the office and changing rooms area, everything has been designed with a special forced air circulation system in order to guarantee the best comfort quality to the work environment.

• 7000 sqm of photovoltaic panels are installed on the building roof to produce “clean” electricity for our own consumption.

Every one of these features allowed us to build a huge establishment, always looking into the future; paying attention to new technologies helped to obtain a sustainable blend with both the surrounding environment and the company staff and, consequently, to have a better production quality.