Our production is the main instrument to concretely realize a project. By exploiting each of its services, either in sinergy or individually, we obtain a product or a process that perfectly matches the customer’s requirements.

The production sites, located in strategic areas of Italy and Serbia, cover a total surface of 4000 sqm and include 6 different clean rooms (4 in Italy, 2 in Serbia) that are certified and classified according to ISO standards.

Research and Development

Research and developmentThe group offers a complete technical-trade service for the design and industrialization of Medical and Pharma disposables. CONFIDENTIALITY and COMPETENCE are guaranteed from early feasibility analysis.


  • Feasibility analysis
  • 2D and 3D design
  • Analysis and selection of suitable plastic and/or metallic raw materials
  • Rapid prototype ( 3D printing, stereolithography)
  • Engineering and industrialization
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Mold making
  • Process, mold and product validations
  • Risk analysis and limitations
  • Certification and CE mark


  • CimatronE
  • VISI VeroSoftware
  • Solidworks
  • Spaceclaim
  • AutoCAD
  • Fikus

Know-How :

  • Injection molding
  • Extrusion
  • Blowing
  • Automatic assembling
  • Ultrasonic and radiofrequency welding
  • UV glue, Hot-melt and standard solvent
  • Thermoplastic packaging

Medical Application:

  • Standard components in respect to the norm
  • Disposable medical devices for various uses

Pharma application:

  • Inhalers
  • Transfer systems for drugs
  • Containers
  • Primary Packaging



OfficinaThe workshop, equipped with various CNC tool machines assisted by CAD-CAM stations, offers complete support to the internal production and the customers.

The main activities are the construction of molds and spare part, as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance..

The internal maintenance management allows a prompt action into production, reducing recovery time and thus improving the conditions of the molds and the quality of manufactured products..


Ordinary → complete disassembly, cleaning and washing

Extraordinary → construction of spare parts and repair of damaged or worn-out parts

The internal maintenance management allows a prompt action into production, reducing recovery time and thus improving the conditions of the molds and the quality of manufactured products.

Every maintenance is registered in an informatics system connected with quality and production management.


  • no. 1 3-axis Milling machine DMG Mori, type DMC1150V
  • no. 1 EDM wire erosion GF Charmilles, type Cut300
  • no. 1 surface grinding machine ROSA, type Iron 08.6 CN, with table 800 x 650 mm
  • no. 1 Vertical machining center CNC Selca, 3X with tool 20 positions – stroke 700x400x650 mm
  • no. 2 CNC lathe Gildemeister – Heidenhain
  • no. 1 EDM ONA CNC Equipped System 3R – table 600 x 400 mm
  • no. 1 Grinding machine with table 700 x 400 mm
  • no. 2 Laser welding machines
  • no. 1 Machine for shot peening finishing
  • no. 1 Traditional lathe Graziano.
  • no. 1 Manual milling machine with display – table 1100×300 mm


Tool Making:

Molds construction for MEDICAL and PHARMA field, included the “family molds” management, used for a final complex disposable composed by several components.

  • Prototype molds (aluminium and steel)
  • Blow mold
  • Overmolding injection
  • Injection molds hot runner:
    • Shut off groups
    • Multi cavity
    • Edge gate nozzle
    • Multi-tip nozzles
    • Bi-material
    • Unscrewing molds
    • Molds with internal movements


  • no. 2 Multi-axis CNC machining center Cb Ferrari palletized Erowa
  • no. 1 Vertical machining center CNC 3X palletized Erowa
  • no. 1 EDM CNC Agie Charmilles palletized Erowa
  • no. 1 Wire EDM CNC Agie Charmilles palletized Erowa
  • no. 1 Drilling EDM CNC
  • no. 1 Grinding machine
  • no. 1 Grinding machine for outdoors
  • no. 1 traditional lathe machine
  • no. 2 Drill presses

Measuring and control equipments:

  • no. 2 Profile projectors with Quadra-chek
  • no. 1 Microscope
  • no. 1 Automatic machine CNC measuring, palletized Erowa
  • no. 1 Anthropomorphic arm for mechanical measuring
  • no. 1 Anthropomorphic arm for mechanical measuring and laser scanning
  • no. 1 Microscope with Vision viewer
  • no. 1 Height gauge TRIMOS, type V4 700, with granite table 1200 x 800 mm
  • no. 1 Shore durometer

Injection molding

StampaggioThe high number of injection machines allows for a massive but, at the same time, very flexible and versatile production, thanks to a complete range of materials and machines tonnage.

Production area: clean room 2500 sqm ISO 8 8


  • no. 50 injection molding machines
  • Tonnage between 35 and 350 (ton)
  • Full electric, hydraulic and hybrid machines
  • Baby Plast and smaller ton machines for pre serials and prototypes
  • Direct interface with internal management software
  • no. 2 bridge cranes for molds handling
  • Robotized equipment for unloading of products and sprue parts.
  • Central Vacuum system for feeding of raw material outside of production dept.
  • Unloading of sprue parts and grinding outside of production dept.
  • Automatic handling of products to pack


  • PVC
  • PVC ( deph free and phthalates free )
  • PC
  • PE
  • ABS
  • PP
  • POM
  • PS
  • PMMA
  • PSU
  • PETG
  • TPE
  • TPU
  • PA


Tubing Extrusion

Tubing ExtrusionHigh-level technical know-how allows to produce every kind of tubing, mixing hundreds of different configurations between materials and diameters to obtain a 100% custom tube.

Production area: clean room 600 sqm ISO 8


  • no. 10 complete extrusion lines
  • no. 6 co-extruders for striped, coupled and multilayer tubes
  • Medical, alimentary and technical application
  • Screw diameter between 23 and 75 (mm)
  • Cutter and coiled automatic machines
  • Measure and testing instruments (digital profiles projectors and microscopes, dynamometers, durometers)


  • Single and coupled tubes (twin and triple)
  • Single and multi-lume
  • Multilayer (2 and 3 layers)
  • Tube with surface marking
  • Tube with colored stripe (external or embedded in the wall)
  • Stripped surface tubes
  • Various internal shapes (star, etc…)


  • Medical (blood, drugs, chemio, biological liquid transport …)
  • Food (beverage and milk transport)
  • Technical-Automotive (compressed air, braking systems…)


  • PVC
  • PVC ( deph free and phthalates free )
  • PE
  • TPE
  • EVA
  • TPU medical grade
  • TPU technical grade



AssemblyStrategic ring of the production chain. Thanks to its equipment is able to assembly and package every kind of custom disposable composed by tubes, components and bags

Production area: clean room 600 sqm ISO 8


  • no. 100 workstation for manual assembling
  • no. 12 automatic machines for sub-assembling
  • no. 6 thermoplastic packaging machines
  • Automatic coiled machines
  • Ultrasonic welding equipment
  • Serigraphy machines
  • Painting machines


  • Solvent
  • Dispenser and UV glue
  • Hot melt


  • All kind of disposable with tubes, components and bags
  • oncology infusion set
  • blood circuit
  • procedural/tray kit
  • Drainage
  • Urology devices
  • Nutrition set


Radiofrequency welding

Radiofrequency welding

The radiofrequency welding is mostly used for bags manufacturing and is the perfect integration to OEM medical devices development.


  • no. 4 HF welding machine with revolving table & hot print
  • no. 4 HF welding machine with revolving table
  • no. 3 HF welding machine
  • no. 1 HF automatic welding machine for pillows

Annual capacity: 10 milions bags (approx)


  • EVA (natural-uv protection)
  • MULTILAYER (uv-o2 barrier)
  • PVC (0.20-0.30-0.35-0.38Μ thickness)


  • Nutrition bags
  • Bags for chemotherapies
  • Drainage bags
  • Blood bags
  • Storage bags
  • Polmoncini
  • Heating bags
  • Blood bags with PET filters
  • PET filters
  • Bags of large and small capacity
  • Bags with rigid connectors