PVC Tubes with Connectors

Medical connection tubes of HMC Premedical are manufactured with medical grade PVC, and are endowed with two female connectors and a removable mael connector in rigid PVC.
Raw materials were chosen for their characteristics, such as to avoid unwanted kinking during use; an optimal inspection of the aspirated biological material is attained thanks to the particular transparency of the tube.

The universal funnel connectors  guarantee a perfect seal of the device, which is also very manageable thanks to their lightness and flexibility.

Tube are available in different sizes and lengths, and also with the following configurations:
– semiconductor tube with anti-static stripe, which ensure isolation from electrostatic discharge;
– with suction control digital valve and stopper cap, in PVC.

The tubes can be used in every time is necessary to connect suction devices or equipments in theatre, intensive care, recovery ward, etc..

Tube with connectors

M012006906x92F / FM45
M013006906x93F / FM40
M013806906x93,8F / FM35
M014006906x94F / FM35
M015006906x95F / FM30
M012007107x102F / FM40
M013007107x103F / FM35
M013807107x103,8F / FM30

Semi-conductor tube with connectors

M01200710SC7x102F / FM40
M01300710SC7x103F / FM35
M01380710SC7x103,8F / FM30

Tube with connector and suction control

M01200710/RM17x102F + VCV40
M01300710/RM17x103F + VCV35
M01380710/RM17x103,8F + VCV30

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