Preparation and Administration

Device composed mainly of:
– 1 or 2-way perforator in white ABS, after drilling allows free flow passage
The two-way is suitable for use with bags, ecoflac and glass bottles, and is equipped with air intake with 0.2 μm antibacterial filter; this filter is also equipped with a silicone valve, which avoids the risk of dripping during the preparation operations and allows the correct operation of the infusion function
– Polyethylene perforator cap; the thread allows the passage of the gas for sterilization.
– various tubatisms in medical grade anti-kinking polyurethane, 3.5 cm long; the particular elasticity of the material allows to avoid the unwanted crushing of the tube
– bi-directional needle free valve in PC with self-sealing silicone membrane and ABS cap
– clamp in red PP
– connector LLM rotating in ABS for connection to the infusion set and terminal capsule in PP with hydrophobic filter and luer lock connection

The product may be required to be “photosensitive” amber with a barrier effect dye for light source, in order to selectively block the light with wavelengths mainly responsible for the inactivation of the photosensitive substances.

Preparation and administration of chemotherapeutic drugs – photosensitive and non-antiblastic.


MCI/3011-wayNoNo1x N.L.V. / Rotating L.L.M.200
MCI/302N1-wayYesNo1x N.L.V. / Rotating L.L.M.200
MCI/301A2-way with U.A.V.NoNo1x N.L.V. / Rotating L.L.M.200
MCI/301E2-way with U.A.V.YesNo1x N.L.V. / Rotating L.L.M.200
MCI/302B2-way with U.A.V.NoYes1x N.L.V. / Rotating L.L.M.50
MCI/302C2-way with U.A.V.YesYes1x N.L.V. / Rotating L.L.M.50

- L.L.M. = Male Luer Lock - N.L.V. = Needle-Less Valve - U.A.V. = Unidirectional Air Valve

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