Extension Lines TRIEX with Stopcock

Extension with 3-way tap consisting of:
– fixed LLM connection in ABS with PE labyrinth capsule
– TRIEX tube (inner PE – DEHP FREE PVC outside), Ø 2,5 × 4,1 cm, available in different lengths
– 3-way tap in PC, with two LLF connections and ABS plugs

Possibility to insert bi-directional needle free valve in PC with self-sealing silicone membrane or LLM ABS cap with polyisoprene infusion point

The system is able to withstand maximum temporary pressures of 56 P.S.I. (4 Bars).

The device is intended to be used for infusing solutions by using infusion or fall systems.


M06254107R4TX2,5 x 4,170,34L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M06254107RNL4TX2,5 x 4,170,34L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M06254107RI4TX2,5 x 4,170,34L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100
M06254110R4TX2,5 x 4,1100,49L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M06254110RNL4TX2,5 x 4,1100,49L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M06254110RI4TX2,5 x 4,1100,49L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100
M06254125R4TX2,5 x 4,1251,22L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M06254125RNL4TX2,5 x 4,1251,22L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M06254125RI4TX2,5 x 4,1251,22L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100
M06254150R4TX2,5 x 4,1502,45L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M06254150RNL4TX2,5 x 4,1502,45L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M06254150RI4TX2,5 x 4,1502,45L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100
M06254175R4TX2,5 x 4,1753,67L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M06254175RNL4TX2,5 x 4,1753,67L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M06254175RI4TX2,5 x 4,1753,67L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100
M062541100R4TX2,5 x 4,11004,90L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M062541100RNL4TX2,5 x 4,11004,90L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M062541100RI4TX2,5 x 4,11004,90L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100
M062541150R4TX2,5 x 4,11507,35L.L.M. / L.L.F.100
M062541150RNL4TX2,5 x 4,11507,35L.L.M. / L.L.F. / N.L.V.100
M062541150RI4TX2,5 x 4,11507,35L.L.M. / L.L.F. / I.P.100

- L.L.M. = Male Luer Lock - L.L.F. = Female Luer Lock - N.L.V. = Needle-Less Valve - I.P. = Injection Point

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