Cystoflow is an innovative medical device designed to optimize the management of cystoclysis procedures and manual washing in cases of macrohematuria. Cystoflow is characterized by being a closed circuit system in every phase of its use, clean and safe and easy and intuitive management.

The device consists of:
– rotary selector in white ABS, equipped with a four-color adhesive label indicating the various positions of the device, and a spring-loaded locking pin
– 4-way central body in white MABS, which includes the PE diverter and the 4-way TPE distributor
– conical PVC NO DOP cone fitting, either linear or with a “Y” derivation, for connection to the bladder catheter
– fittings for cono-catheters, in PVC NO DOP, in three different colors: green for the connection of the washing set; blue for connecting the syringe; yellow for the connection of the waste bag
– blue PE catheter cap

Urological device for the management of the cystoclysis procedure and manual washing in cases of macrohematuria.



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