Angiography Contrast Line

Line consisting mainly of:
– 2-way ABS perforator with 3 μm air filter
– DEHP FREE PVC pipe, Ø 3 × 4.1 mm and length 180 cm
– ABS clamp roller
– variable terminal connection, LLM – VNR – “T” connector with double VNR

Administration of contrast medium in angiography.

MCI/631ASuspended - 3 µm air filter1803 x 4,1L.L.M.50
MCI/631BSuspended - 3 µm air filter1803 x 4,1Check Valve50
MCI/631CSuspended - 3 µm air filter1803 x 4,1“T” connector with dual Check Valve50

- L.L.M. = Male Luer Lock - V.N.R. = Check Valve

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