HMC Premedical S.p.A purchases controlling interest in the Medicina Group

Medicina is pleased to announce that HMC Premedical S.p.A has purchased a controlling interest in the Medicina Group, which has been an important international distributor of enteral nutrition products for many years.

Ken Harrison, Managing Director of Medicina:

“This is an exciting development for Medicina. HMC has long been a valued partner and the acquisition means that we will be able to work more closely together to meet Medicina’s customer requirements and improve our product offering.”

 Andrea Bisi, Managing Director of HMC Premedical S.p.A.:

 “We are very pleased and proud to have invested in Medicina, we will work to enlarge and develop the products’ portfolio and to consolidate and expand sales into the international marketplace”

Thanks to this acquisition and a long-lasting collaboration, Medicina and HMC will be able to expand their offering to customers and be more responsive to customer demands.

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