“It was a pleasure working.
I can say to have taken part and given my contribution to the birth of this world”

(Giuseppe Bisi, HMC founder)

HMC history originates from its founder, Giuseppe Bisi. Since the year 60’s he has been a key player in the pioneering events determining the birth and thrive of the Mirandola Biomedical District.


The core business began in 1997 with the trade in components. But, thanks to the founder business inclination, along with his co-operators talent and to various acquisitions, HMC Group enjoyed of a remarkable evolution over the years. Today, HMC Group is a manufacturing organization worldwide known and leader in the Italian market.

“HMC is a beautiful entity still having huge potentialities of growth. We invest a lot in innovation, so to be always at the cutting-edge”

(Andrea Bisi)

The acquisitions generating the passage from HMC to HMC Group have been essential for the company evolution:

  • PREMEDICAL (2003), company specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of disposable medical devices, with its own CE marking
  • MEDITEA (2008), company linked to the market of the multinational corporations, specialised in the production of medical devices and with its own tubing extrusion activity
  • VOJMEDICAL (2010), assembling of medical devices
  • MACOSTA (2011), specialised in injection moulding and moulds construction thanks to the internal workshop
  • MEDICINA (2017), international dealer of enteral nutrition products
  • POLYMED (2018), manufacturer of fluid management systems

Important and continuous investments also marked the 20 years growth of HMC:

  • In 2004 settlement of a new factory in Mirandola: 4.000m² clean room ISO Class 8, dedicated to the production of medical devices and with injection moulding department.
  • In 2006 realisation of the first department for tubing extrusion.
  • In 2010 building of a new manufacturing plant in Serbia for the assembling of medical devices.
  • In 2012 creation of a new injection moulding department in Serbia plant
  • In 2014, completion and grand opening of two new buildings realised after 2012 earthquake:
    Medolla – 2.500m², as storage and logistic hub
    Mirandola – 7.500m², manufacturing plant: 2.500m² clean room (injection moulding, extrusion, automatic assembling); workshop (moulds maintenance, design, and moulds construction); executive, sales, engineering, accounting offices.
  • In 2021 HMC expands its warehouse and office area in Mirandola.
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2012 earthquake and its consequences

In May 2012 Emilia-Romagna areas between the cities of Ferrara, Modena and neighbouring ones, were struck by an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 of the Richter scale.

HMC was obliged to move the whole production to Rubiera (Reggio Emilia). On 30th of July, 2012, after only 2 months, HMC was ready with a 1.500m² clean room, with extrusion and injection moulding departments.

The new plant: completed and inaugurated in 2014

In 2014 new buildings are inaugurated.

One plant of 2.500m² dedicated to storage and logistic hub and one of 7.500m² dedicated to production, inclusive of a 2.500m² clean room for injection moulding, extrusion and automatic assembling, mechanical workshop for maintenance and moulds construction, as well as of a 1.000 m² building for the offices.

1997-2017: 20 years celebrating logo of HMC

A path of growth and of company strengthening

In 2017 e 2018 two important acquisitions

HMC Premedical S.p.A. is reaching two additional important results.

A journey started in 2017 with the acquisition of the majority share of Medicina Group, – an important international dealer of enteral feeding products since several years, – continuing in 2018 with the acquisition of POLYMED, – company from Milan, since 25 years active in the field of fluid management devices used in Intravenous Administration therapy, manufacturing and trading a huge range of Stopcocks and Manifold Stopcocks.

In view of the structure consolidation, HMC organisation and annual turnover is increasing, supporting the birth of new opportunities worldwide.

From 2018 to today

In 2019 HMC inaugurates the new plant in Serbia. While in 2021 the expansion of the headquarters in Mirandola.
Also in 2021 the commercial partnership with Forconti is consolidated.
In 2022 the fund managed by CREDEM PRIVATE EQUITY arrives alongside the group with a total investment of over 10 million euros.

The new headquarters in Mirandola in 2021

1997-2022: 25 years celebrating logo of HMC